Are you a good driver?

20 Dec 2017

Are you a good driver?

JUST because you’ve been driving for years doesn’t mean you’re a good driver.
You are entitled to do so especially if you’ve never had an accident or a near-miss. Yet even allowing for a blemish-free driving history are you as good as you think?
There is a danger that the longer we drive the more smug we become while we point out and blame others for bad driving.
The stark reality is that if others are not up to scratch, the chances are you could probably improve too.
Whether we’re good, bad or indifferent there is, and always should be room for improvement.

As a quick check on where you really are try answering these few questions as honestly as possible.

1)Do you, or have you, used a mobile phone while at the wheel, stopped in traffic or on the motorway while cruising? The statistics suggest if you haven’t you’re a saint.
2) Could you honestly say you’d get most of the answers correct in today’s driving theory test? When did you last read/see the Rules of the Road?
3)How is your lane-keeping, reversing, parking? Do you find any/all a bit stressful? Do you feel your judgment of space/distance is as good as it was?
4)Would you consider taking a couple of lessons in areas in which you feel (honestly) you are a bit ‘weak’?
5)Be honest: would you consider yourself courteous? Do you let people out of side or filter roads?
6)Do you find yourself rushing a lot and taking chances with amber lights?
7)How often (honestly) do you knowingly or unknowingly break the speed limit? By how much?
8)When is the last time you had a near miss that was of your making? How many other occasions like that have there been in the past two years?
9)Would you ‘chance’ one pint before driving?
10)Do you know what all the little emblems on your instrument panel are for?
11)Have you lost the cool at the wheel and given out to another road user within the past year? Do you find you do that more frequently? If so why?

So, after all that, here’s hoping you’ve identified one or two areas where you can improve. Safe driving!

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