Do’s and don’t of buying a used import

09 Feb 2018

Do’s and don’t of buying a used import

The do’s and don’ts of buying a used import.

SO you are thinking of buying a used import from a dealer or going up North or across the water to do so.
You are one of thousands following the so-called money-saving trail.
But like in any process there are pitfalls. And faraway hills are not always greener.

Either way, here are some do’s and don’t’s:
1) To reduce stress and hassle, consider buying from an importing dealer in your area. Many outlets are bringing them in by the truckload now and giving guarantees.
You may have to pay a little more but they are close to hand if something goes wrong.
2) It also saves you the costs and hassle of travel, finding a car abroad and getting it back – which can be considerable. And it might make it easier to dispose of your trade-in if you have one.
3) Dismiss all of the above if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.
4) Wherever and however you buy, don’t part with a cent until you have checked the car’s history with the likes of It only costs a few euro but could save you a lot.
5) Give a couple of non-import dealers a chance to make a case for your custom too. ‘Pure Irish’ car prices have come down in line with the flood of imports so you might find you’ll get as good a deal with less fuss.
6)Look for a guarantee no shorter than six months. Pay a few extra euro if necessary to get it extended to one year. If the dealer hasn’t faith in the car to do that you should be concerned about how soon it will give trouble.
7) If buying privately, at home or abroad, be doubly careful. A history check is an absolute must but so is having someone look over the car for you. Buying privately leaves you with few comebacks should trouble arise.
8)Make sure you are fully aware of what you have to do to legally import and drive a car here (check out Remember you will have to pay VRT and, possibly VAT (on certain cars) before you can register them in Ireland.
9) Your VRT bill will depend on the amount Revenue estimate the vehicle would be worth if sold in Ireland.

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