Vehicle Check

Step 1

Get a Free Vehicle Check

Enter the registration to view your free vehicle check (we provide reports on Irish and UK vehicles). The free report is to verify the registration is correct by displaying basic vehicle details such as the make and model. Try it out here to see what it looks like:

Step 2

Select the report you want

Once you are happy that the vehicle details match are correct you can select the report you want to buy. The list of reports will vary depending on the vehicle. For example if a car was imported from the UK then you can select additional reports such as Irish and UK History etc. Vehicle check history reports from are the best value in the market and start from as little as €15.00.

For a complete list of available reports and more details on the different prices please visit our Vehicle Check Pricing page.

Step 3

Enter payment details

Payments are processed by Realex Payments, a leading European online payment gateway headquartered in Dublin. All payment details are handled securely and we never store your credit card details. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard or Laser cards.

Step 4

That’s it!

After completing these steps you can view a vehicle report immediately online.

Note: If you bought a vehicle check report that included a finance check we will complete that separately and mail you the results within 10 minutes. If the initial check shows finance is outstanding we will verify the results with the relevant bank and provide an update to you within 1 working day. For more details, please view our car finance check information page.

An order confirmation mail is also sent to you with a link to view the report online.

For more information on our vehicle history reports please see our sample vehicle reports or our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any other questions please contact us.

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